Our HC Alkaloid completed its away fixtures in the EHF European League with a match against HC Vojvodina in Novi Sad (29-34). Following the encounter at the Slana Bara arena, coach Kiril Lazarov analyzed and commented on the match against the Serbian champion.

“We witnessed an intense battle between the two teams. Vojvodina is a seasoned and high-caliber squad which it demonstrated in this match. They always introduce fresh elements to the game and have highly skilled players, making it difficult to compete against a team like this, especially when you have a young squad like ours. We are learning and accumulating experience from all these matches”, said Lazarov.

Marko Mitev also spoke on behalf of the team.

“This was an excellent match for both teams. Although we missed some chances during the game, we competed against a formidable and high-quality opponent, and we can only learn and gain experience from such matches and teams. We must become better and be more focused in order to have positive outcomes against more experienced teams in future,” said Mitev.

To conclude the group stage in its debut season in the EHF European League, HC Alkaloid is gearing up for a home match against Spain’s Logroño La Rioja, the team against which they secured their first European point on the away court.




Venue: Slana Bara in Novi Sad. Referees: Emil Agakishi and Ernest Agakishi from Azerbaijan. Delegate: Emir Beslija from Montenegro

HC Vojvodina: Lucin, Trnavac (18 saves), Sijan 1, Vorkapic 7, Vukovljak, Aziz 9, Ratkovic, Milenkovic, Sunajko 1, Pushica, Radjenovic 1, Pesic, Tomic, Rogan 2, Golubovic 6, Pukhouski 7

Seven-meter throws: 2/2 Suspensions: 6 min.

HC ALKALOID: Trajkoski (8 saves), Galevski (2 saves), Djonov 3, Markoski 1, Mladenovikj, Serafimov 8, Stojchevikj, Stojkovic 5, M. Mitev 6, Gjorgiev 1, Velkovski, Omeragikj, Bingo 1, Kofiloski, D. Mitev, Savrevski 4

Seven-meter throws: 4/5 Suspensions: 2 min.

HC Alkaloid played their final away match in the EHF European League. In the fifth round, our team faced the Serbian champion, HC Vojvodina in Novi Sad.

The home team secured the points with a score of 34-29, ensuring their spot in the Main Round. HC Alkaloid, however, has one more match left its debut European season. In the upcoming round on December 5th in Skopje, the team will host Spain’s La Rioja Logroño in Skopje.

This evening in Novi Sad, HC Vojvodina proved to be the more resourceful opponent. The home team took a 6-3 lead in the ninth minute, capitalizing on several misses and two technical errors from our team.

During this phase of the match, HC Alkaloid made two attempts to narrow the deficit to a minimum, successfully reducing it to 6-7 within 15 minutes. Following this, we attempted to equalize, but the opponent’s goalkeeper made a crucial save. This disrupted our attacking rhythm, allowing the Serbian team to regain a more comfortable position with a score of 11-7. By the end of the first half, HC Alkaloid had several chances to finish with a smaller deficit. Our team, however, failed to capitalize on the situations created leaving HC Vojvodina with an advantage of 16-11 at halftime.

In the second half, Alkaloid was trying to overcome the deficit, but Vojvodina cleverly maintained their lead. After ten minutes of play, the score was 25-20, followed by 27-22. This positive trend for the Serbian team in the match’s final minutes proved unattainable for our team, with the score reaching 31-24 at one point.




Venue: R.R. Richko in Prilep. Referees: Blagojche Todorovski and Dimitar Mitrevski. Delegate: Ilija Cvetkoski

HC PRILEP: Acevski, Kastratovic 7, Rajatovski 7, Bikoski 4, Angeleski, Veleski 1, Burcheski 1, Cvetanoski 4, Sabanovic 6, Trajkoski, Trajchevski, Kvastek 4

Seven-meter throws: 2/3 Suspensions: 8 min,

HC MULTI ESSENCE: Ermanoski, Dimevski 8, Kostovski 1, Ilieski 7, D. Uzunchev 1, Trajchev, Vasilevski, Todeski, T. Uzunchev, Dimovski 7, Jordanov 3, Karasmanakis 4

Seven-meter throws: 6/6 Suspensions: 10 min.

HC Multi Essence competed in Prilep in a match that embodied all the elements of a derby. The home team secured the points with a score of 34-31, despite our team having a real chance to achieve a better outcome.

HC Multi Essence maintained a three-goal lead at halftime, and although it was tied with five minutes remaining, lapses in defense and two missed opportunities during crucial moments shifted the momentum in the game.

Our team maintained control and held a three-goal lead in the first half, going into break with a score of 19-16. A prolonged scoreless period in the second half, however, allowed the home team to make a comeback, taking the lead at 24-21. Although our team managed to level the score at 26-26 in the last 10 minutes, followed by several other equalizers, the game eventually took a turn in favor of the home team.



HC STRUGA – HC ALKALOID 17-29 (8-15)

Venue: Avtokomanda in Skopje. Referees: Rubin Sedloski and Goran Angeleski. Controller: Dragan Nachevski

HC STRUGA: Tutenkoski, Mulic 2, Saveski 1, Mladenovski 3, Gjorgjieski, Klenkoski, Simonoski 1, Mateski, Veljanoski 1, F. Mechkaroski 1, Kostoski, Markoski 3, Boshnjak 5, S. Mechkaroski, Guskaroski, Rikanovic

Seven-meter throws: 4/5 Suspensions: 6 min.

HC ALKALOID: Trajkoski, Galevski, Djonov 4, Mladenovikj 4, Serafimov 3, Stojchevikj 3, Stojkovic 2, Gjorgiev 2, Velkovski, Omeragikj, Bingo, Kofiloski 1, D. Mitev 3, Savrevski 4

Seven-meter throws: 0/1 Suspensions: 8 min.

This evening, HC Alkaloid lived up to expectations as the strongest contender emerging victorious against the Struga team in the Super League championship match.

This marks an impressive streak of 12 victories out of 12 matches in this phase of the championship. With only two more rounds left, the teams will soon be categorized into the Playoff and Playout championships.

Today, with Aleksandar Petkovski already sidelined due to injury, Marko Mitev was also spared as he continues to recover. The team from Struga was an equal opponent during the initial part of the half, however, HC Alkaloid found a more effective tempo, initiating a 5-0 run that transformed a 9-7 lead into a commanding seven-goal advantage (14-7).

At the end of the first half, the score stood at 15-8 with no major changes in the second half. During this part of the match, HC Alkaloid led with 20-11, subsequently establishing a double-digit advantage for the first time (24-14). The team adeptly preserved this margin until the conclusion of the match, securing the anticipated three points.

Our team’s next challenge will take place on the European stage. HC Alkaloid is set to visit HC Vojvodina on Tuesday in the fifth round of the EHF European League.



HC Alkaloid is nearing the conclusion of its debut European season as the Macedonian representative in the group stage of the EHF European League.

Two remaining European challenges lie ahead for our team. First, they will face HC Vojvodina in Novi Sad on Tuesday, followed by a match against Spain’s Logroño La Rioja seven days later in Skopje, marking the end of the group stage and the autumn segment of the European club season.

HC Alkaloid’s final European visit takes them to Serbia, where the city of Novi Sad and the renowned Slana Bara arena will be hosting our team.

The role of frontrunner, along with the pressure of securing a favorable result, lies with the home club. Vojvodina needs to secure at least one point from the match against HC Alkaloid to confirm their spot in the group stage. Failing to do so would transfer the outcome of the match to the last round.

Our team, on the other hand, has no pressure regarding the result, aside from the responsibility to uphold the club’s reputation and the aspiration to deliver a more impressive performance before the Novi Sad, as well as the broader handball audience. This favorable situation will allow us to play more freely and leave a stronger impression. Any potential outcome, whether it’s securing a point or claiming victory, would significantly contribute to boosting self-confidence and serve as another positive element integrated into the system being patiently and painstakingly built in the Avtokomanda arena.

The match is scheduled for Tuesday starting at 06:45 PM, and will be broadcast live on MTV-3 and TV Arena Sport.



HC Alkaloid played its fourth EHF European League match. We visited the group’s strongest contender – Bjerringbro-Silkeborg from Denmark. Despite being convalescent, our center back Marko Mitev put on an excellent performance and emerged as the top scorer netting nine goals from nine shots.

“This game holds significant importance for me, as well as, I believe, for all my teammates, regarding what lies ahead. Despite not securing a victory in this match, we have gained valuable experience. I believe that in future, we will continue to improve, becoming more courageous when competing in such major and significant matches.

I would like to congratulate the opponents. The return match clearly demonstrated the importance of having experience in European competitions, as well as that Silkeborg players are far more experienced than us.

I consider these matches to be an opportunity for myself and my teammates to grow by developing and improving our style of play,” said Marko Mitev.