HC Alkaloid is nearing the conclusion of its debut European season as the Macedonian representative in the group stage of the EHF European League.

Two remaining European challenges lie ahead for our team. First, they will face HC Vojvodina in Novi Sad on Tuesday, followed by a match against Spain’s Logroño La Rioja seven days later in Skopje, marking the end of the group stage and the autumn segment of the European club season.

HC Alkaloid’s final European visit takes them to Serbia, where the city of Novi Sad and the renowned Slana Bara arena will be hosting our team.

The role of frontrunner, along with the pressure of securing a favorable result, lies with the home club. Vojvodina needs to secure at least one point from the match against HC Alkaloid to confirm their spot in the group stage. Failing to do so would transfer the outcome of the match to the last round.

Our team, on the other hand, has no pressure regarding the result, aside from the responsibility to uphold the club’s reputation and the aspiration to deliver a more impressive performance before the Novi Sad, as well as the broader handball audience. This favorable situation will allow us to play more freely and leave a stronger impression. Any potential outcome, whether it’s securing a point or claiming victory, would significantly contribute to boosting self-confidence and serve as another positive element integrated into the system being patiently and painstakingly built in the Avtokomanda arena.

The match is scheduled for Tuesday starting at 06:45 PM, and will be broadcast live on MTV-3 and TV Arena Sport.