HC Alkaloid was established in 2021. Its primary goal is to properly guide young handball talent with the potential and desire to progress and develop into top players with positive life values. The club stands for the fundamental principles of proper work, a defined system of functioning, and integrity and credibility in operation.

With a professionally organized approach, HC Alkaloid and its handball experts team will strive to provide handballers with advanced high-quality practice. They will aim to develop and turn them into top players to stand as pillars of Macedonian handball.

The vision of the club is to achieve European handball standards of professional work, promote modern handball, and raise the game to the highest level. Our country is a nursery of handball talent. Many young people have  the quality and want to practice. Our mission is to turn young recruits into high-quality handball players using specific training and working methods.

In its first season of competing, HC Alkaloid enrolled teams in all competition groups. With its strongest team, it competed in the First League. At the same time, it participated in the Macedonian junior, youth, and pioneer championships.

HC Alkaloid paid particular attention to the youngest players and opened handball schools in Skopje and several cities across Macedonia. More than 500 children practiced in the handball schools in the first season.

Our first team, undefeated, with one draw and 27 wins, out of 28 games, dominated and won first place, qualifying to compete in the Super League next season.

HC Alkaloid passed one elimination round and entered the group stage of the Cup of Macedonia, where it finished the competition.

Our junior team finished the first part of the season undefeated and won the quarter-finals to play in the F4 tournament. It won both matches in F4 and is the new state junior champion.

HC Alkaloid youth team won first place and finished the group competition undefeated. Winning one elimination round, it reached the F4 tournament and qualified to play the final match. It ended the season as Macedonia’s vice-champion.

The pioneer team had eight wins out of eight matches in the first part of the season. It finished playing in the quarter-final elimination rounds.