VARDAR 1961 – ALKALOID 28-25 (12-13)
Hall: “Jane Sandanski” in Skopje. Referees: Nachevski and Bozinovski.

HC Vardar: Tomovski (11 def.), Manaskov 8, Stoilov 4, Morales 4, Georgievski 3, Dobrkovikj, Karapalevski
3, Chuvara, Lazarevski 1, Savrevski, Taleski 6, Atanasovski, Kjosevski, Mishevski, Gogov
Penalty throws: 3/3 Exclusions: 10 min.

HC Alkaloid: Trajkovski (13 def.), Galevski, Markoski 1, Stojkov 1, Mladenovikj 2, Serafimov 5, Ilieski 2,
Stojkovikj 6, Mitev 2, Gjorgiev 1, Simonoski 2, Ivanoski 2, Omeragikj, Todeski, Kofiloski 1, Petkovski 1
Penalty throws: 3/6 Exclusions: 4 min.

In the Super League derby match of the fourth round, HC Alkaloid visited the team of HC Vardar 1961 at
SC “Jane Sandanski”.

There was an even score throughout the match. The more experienced home team had a lead of 7-4
and 12-9, but our young handball players showed character, whereby the defense game and good
transition allowed us to take control over the pitch, and with a 4-0 run HC Alkaloid left with a score of 13
-12 at halftime.

There was no lack of excitement in the second half either. The home team managed to take a 21-17 lead
at one point in the 45 th minute, but after the time-out requested by Kiril Lazarov, our team took the lead
again with a 5-0 run.
The match was uncertain until the very end, and the opponent’s greater experience allowed them to
reach a final score of 28-25.



Hall: “Car Samoil” in Sveti Nikole. Referees: Marko Ognjanovski and Damjan Savikj. Delegate: Zoran

HC Ovche Pole: Panev, Petkov, Stefanovski, Kocevski 3, Daskalov 3, Gichev 3, Cekovski 2, Stamenkov,
Burovski 2, Sentovski, Kocevski, Todorov, Krstev 8, Konev, Trajchev, Todosovski 4
Penalty throws: 1/2 Exclusions: 14 min.

HC Multi Essence: Shtakovski, Grujevski, D. Uzunchev 7, Trichkovski 3, Aleksovski, Ermonoski,
Mladenovski, T. Uzunchev 2, Mitev 5, Prodanov, Kang 3, Jordanov 2, Karasmanakis 2, Kostovski 10,
Georgievski, Ivanov
Penalty throws: 1/1 Exclusions: 14 min.

HC Multi Essence won the second victory in the first league championship. After the triumph at home
over HC Champion, tonight, HC Multi Essence celebrated a victory as the away team, over the team of
HC Ovche Pole.
After the opening period which had an even score, HC Multi Essence took control from the tie at 6-6,
lead with 8-6, and later 10-7. This difference remained until the score of 13-9, and then with a 4-0 run,
our team took a 17-11 lead at halftime and the match was practically broken in this period.
During the opening minutes of the second half, there was a scoring difference between six and seven
goals, after which HC Multi Essence led with a double figure difference of 28-18, and while there were
big score turbulences up to the end of the match, they reached the desired three points.



Hall: “Krume Kepeski” in Skopje. Referees: Adriana Zdravkovska and Sanja Bozinovska. Delegate: Mitko
Multi Essence: Shtakovski, Ermanoski, Grujevski 6, D. Uzunchev 5, Trichkovski 2, Velkov, Mladenovski 1,
T. Uzunchev 8, Mitev 1, Prodanov 2, Kang 2, Jordanov 2, Karasmanakis 3, Kostovski 4, Georgievski,
Ivanov 3
Penalty throws: 3/5 Timeouts: 6 min.
Champion: Spirkovski, Sotirovski, Ilievski, Dimovski, Veljanovski 7, Sibinovski 7, Debreshlioski,
Milovanovikj, Trajkovski, Kostov, Bilbilovski 5, Petrovski 1, Minovski 3, Bogoevski 3, Ognenovski,
Penalty throws: 3/4 Timeouts: 8 min.

HC Multi Essence scored a victory that will be recorded in the club’s biography as historic, because it was
won in the first ever official match of the domestic championship that the club has played.

The team of HC Champion from Skopje was the away team at the debut. After the usual initial tie, we
quickly took control and led by three goals (6-3), and then by four and five goals (10-6, 11-6). The
advantage continued to increase and by the end of the half we had a plus nine goal difference (20-11).
We led the beginning of the second half with a two-figure difference, and from that moment, until the
end, the score was always plus 10. The away team tried to return to a one-figure negative score on
several occasions in the finish, but the finish once again belonged to us and we won the match with 13
goal difference (39-26).

Todor Uzunchev was our top scorer with eight goals, Aleksandar Grujevski scored six goals, and Dimitar
Uzunchev scored five goals.



HC ALKALOID – HC OHRID 24-22 (half time 12-11)

Hall: “Boris Trajkovski” in Skopje. Referees: Gjoko Kolevski and Sasho Krkachev. Delegate: Marjan Ognjanovski

HC Alkaloid: Galevski, Trajkovski, Markoski 1, Stojkov 6, Mladenovikj 2, Serafimov 3, Ilieski 3, Stojkovikj 1, Mitev 1, Gjorgiev 1, Ivanovski, Simonoski 1 Omeragikj 1, Todeski 2, Kofiloski 1, Petkovski 1

Penalty throws 5/8: Timeouts: 2 min

HC Ohrid: Tsintsadze, Vasilevski, K. Andonovski 1, Cejovikj 3, Rustamov, Kostov, Grubikj 1, Shipinkoski, D. Andonoski 2, Risteski, Boshkoski, Taseski 2, Kastratovikj 1, Naumoski, Öztürk 7, Bojanikj 5,

Penalty throws: 3/4 Timeouts: 6 min.

HC Alkaloid played the third round match in the domestic Super League today. After the two initial victories, tonight for the first time we played a match at home and this was the first derby in the round of the strongest competition. The team of CHC Ohrid was the away team at SC “Boris Trajkovski”.

We won very important points in the race for the playoffs and now with three victories from three matches we are still in first place in the group.

The first half was a balanced game in which the score was mostly in our favor (7-5, 10-7, 11-9). It was 12-11 at halftime, and at the beginning of the second half, with a 6-1 run, we reached the highest lead of five goals (17-12). At six minutes to the match finish, we were still leading with a score of 20-17.

We kept our focus at the finish, and the victory was never called into question.



KUMANOVO – ALKALOID 26-40 (10-19)
Hall: “Pero Nakov” in Kumanovo. Referees: Gjoko Kolevski and Sasho Krkachev. Delegate: Cane
Kumanovo: Kimevski, Mrvovikj 9, Dimitrov, Kuzmanovski, Petkovski 3, D. Cvetkovski 1, Boskovski,
Tasevski, Miladinovski 1, B. Cvetkovski, Postolovski 3, Koloski 1, Damevski 5, Nestorovski, Trajchevski 2,
Penalty throws: 2/5 Timeouts: 14 min.
Alkaloid: Galevski 1, Trajkovski, Dimevski 3, Markoski, Stojkov 8, Mladenovikj 2, Serafimov 4, Ilieski 1,
Stojkovikj 3, Gjorgiev 3, Ivanoski 1, Simonoski 1, Omeragikj 1, Todeski, Kofiloski 5, Petkovski 5
Penalty throws: 7/8 Timeouts: 14 min.

HC Alkaloid won for the second time out of the two matches played in the new Super League
competition. On the away field in Kumanovo, we defeated the team of MHC Kumanovo with 40-26 (19-
10) and by winning six points we remain at the top of the table.
From the start of the match, our team had the game and result under control. We played a good and
mobile defense, which allowed us to score goals from the counter attack and transition.
The goalkeeper Ivan Galevski was up to the task and the game development was skillfully used by wing
player Aleksandar Stojkov. He scored five of the first ten goals, and our team led with a bigger difference
after 15 minutes of play (10-6).

Continuing the match, the rhythm imposed by our team allowed us to continually increase the
difference. After 26 minutes of play, we led for the first time in the game with a 10-goal difference (18-
8). The halftime score was 19-10.

Early in the second half, we increased the difference to 13 goals (25-12). The number of players who
entered the scorers’ list grew and everyone who got a chance used it, however the match rhythm was in
favor of the wing players the most, thus Kofiloski and Petkovski climbed the scorers’ list with five goals
By the end of the match, our team had everything under control and managed to reach 40 goals for the
second time. The final score was 40-26.

In the next match, we will play at home for the first time with the visiting team of CHC Ohrid.



HC PRILEP – HC ALKALOID 30-43 (15-22)
Hall: R. R. Richko in Prilep. Referees: Metodija and Mihajlo Ilievski. Delegate: Ilija Cvetkoski.
PRILEP: Stojkoski, Angeleski, Jordanovski, Damchevski, Bikoski 5, Vrencoski 1, Adamcheski,
Shokoski 8, Lozanoski 1, Chanturia 2, Pavlov 1, Hristoski, Gavashelishvili 6, Gjorgieski 6
Penalty throws: 2/3 Timeouts: 14 min.
ALKALOID: Trajkoski, Galevski, Markoski 4, Stojkov 2, Mladenovikj 3, Serafimov 8, Ilieski 6,
Stojkovikj 1, Mitev 2, Gjorgiev 4, Ivanoski 1, Simonoski 3, Omeragikj, Todeski 4, Kofiloski 1,
Petkovski 4
Penalty throws: 2/2 Timeouts: 10 min.

HC Alkaloid started its first season in the Super League by winning three points playing away. In
the first match, we visited the team of HC Prilep and won by 43-30 (22-15).
After an even start and a score of 4-4, our defense and transition in the game enabled us to
take a four-goal lead (9-5) early in the game, after 11 minutes of play.
Thereon the match entered a phase of dynamic play and goals were scored alternately, but the
lead was never put in danger.

We kept the difference of 4-5 goals (10-5, 17-12, 20-15) until the end of the first half, finishing
with a score of 22-15.
In the second half, we had even more compact play and after ten minutes we reached the
biggest lead of eight goals (30-22). The dynamic play continued and in the 47 th minute, for the
first time in the match, the difference was in double digits (35-25). By the end of the game, we
further increased the difference and the match ended with a final score of 43-30.

All the handball players deserve praise for today’s match, Martin Serafimov came through
scoring eight goals, Bozidar Ilieski scored six goals, and Teodor Todeski and Igor Gjorgiev
contributed with four goals each.
In the next match, we will again play on the away field, with the team of MHC Kumanovo.