We Start the Championship Away by Playing HC Prilep.

The draw that determined the Super League groups has been the basis for setting the next season’s competition plan.

The championship will start on 3-4 September, and the first part will end on December 17-18. After fourteen rounds, the competition will continue in playoff and playout groups.

HC Alkaloid will play its first Super League game away against HC Prilep. In the second round, our club will again play away against YHC Kumanovo. We will play our first home game on September 17-18 in the third round against HC Ohrid.



HC Alkaloid to Play in Super League Group A

In a semi-directed draw, taking the previous season’s rankings into account, the Macedonian Handball Federation (MHF) has established the Super League groups for the 2022/2023 season.

In the coming season, the Macedonian Super League will have 16 teams divided into two groups of eight. After the 14th round, the teams will split again. The best four of each group will play in the playoffs, deciding on the new champion and the next season’s European Cup participants. The teams finishing fifth to eighth in the first part will play in the playouts to stay in the league.

HC Alkaloid will play in Group A, together with HC Vardar 1961, HC Butel Skopje, HC Ohrid, HC Struga, HC Prilep, YHC Kumanovo, and HC Vardar Negotino.

HC Eurofarm Pelister, HC Eurofarm Pelister 2, HC Tinex Prolet 62, HC Tikvesh, HC Radovish, HC Golden Art, HC Skopje 2020 and HC Junior Kisela Voda will play in Group B.


We Think About Our Future!

The first season for HC Alkaloid is over, and so is handball school practice for our youngest players. About 500 children 6 to 14 years old throughout our country have practiced at HC Alkaloid’s handball schools. We expect this number to rise in the next season!

The last one to leave the gym this summer was coach Vlatko Koteski. With a ton of experience under his belt, he has worked with young handball players throughout the past decade. With the first season over, he is visibly happy with the results.

“Healthy and happy children is what we actually aim for,’ says Vlatko Koteski.

“This was our first season, and it has been special. We had a successful season, met our goals, and exceeded our plans. We took the young to a new system where we socialized, practiced, and learned. We introduced them to the world of handball. They lived, had fun, and made friends as a team and a sports family,” says Koteski.

Working with and attracting the youth is one of HC Alkaloid’s most important priorities as a club.

“We paid great attention to discipline, proper development, and respect for others, the elderly, and the environment. In our club, we want to create personalities, not merely handball players. Nothing can beat the feeling of seeing happy children. Because interest is on a constant rise, we will expand next season. We will try to start handball practice in more schools and be available to as many children as possible,” says Koteski.