Alkaloid’s cadet team won the second Marko Bozhinovski memorial tournament held in honor of the prematurely deceased Macedonian handball and national team player.

HC Alkaloid won the tournament in which the teams of HC Konjuh from Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Macedonian teams of HC E. Pelister, HC Butel Skopje, HC Golden Art, and HC Aerodrom competed.

HC Alkaloid won all four of the games. In the first round, they won against HC Konjuh with a score of 30:27. They defeated the team of HC Aerodrom with a score of 48:21 in the second round, and in the semi-finals, they eliminated the team of HC Butel Skopje (27:16).

In the finals, our team faced the Konjuh team once again, which had won against E. Pelister (34-28) in the semi-finals.

For the second time in the tournament, our team defeated the Konjuh team from Bosnia and Herzegovina. The final score was 26:25, a victory won in a challenging game with a dramatic ending, in which, however, our team performed better.


Cadets Played in Marko Bozhinovski’s Honor

The first Marko Bozhinovski Memorial Tournament took place on the open field of the Marko Bozinovski Sports Center in Skopje. Eight teams from Macedonia and abroad participated.

Besides our team, HC Eurofarm Pelister, HC Vardar 1961, HC Tinex Prolet, HC Butel Skopje, and HC Golden Art also represented Macedonia. Nexe represented Croatia, and HC Vojvodina came from Serbia to play at this cadet tournament.

HC Alkaloid played five matches in the tournament and ranked fifth. HC Nexe was the tournament winner. In the final game, the Croatian team defeated HC Vojvodina (37:33).


HC Alkaloid is Macedonia’s Runner-Up in the Cadet Category

HC Alkaloid’s cadet team is Macedonia’s vice-champion. In the group stage, our team competed against HC Vardar 1961, HC Prolet 62, HC Metalurg RA, HC Kumanovo, and HC Macedonia G. Petrov. We had eight wins and two draws, ending first in the group.

In the quarter-finals, we eliminated the HC Golden Art team with a score of 38:36 after a better 7-meter-throwing. In the regular playing time, the match was tied at 33:33 (17:15). With this victory, we progressed to the F4 tournament.

In the semi-finals, dramatically again, we eliminated HC Prolet 62 after a 7-meter-throwing. The final score was 35:32 (31:31, 18:12).

In the finals we played HC Butel Skopje. Even if we controlled the score for most of the match, in the end, we failed to win. The final score was 20:22 (11:9).