Venue: Slana Bara in Novi Sad. Referees: Emil Agakishi and Ernest Agakishi from Azerbaijan. Delegate: Emir Beslija from Montenegro

HC Vojvodina: Lucin, Trnavac (18 saves), Sijan 1, Vorkapic 7, Vukovljak, Aziz 9, Ratkovic, Milenkovic, Sunajko 1, Pushica, Radjenovic 1, Pesic, Tomic, Rogan 2, Golubovic 6, Pukhouski 7

Seven-meter throws: 2/2 Suspensions: 6 min.

HC ALKALOID: Trajkoski (8 saves), Galevski (2 saves), Djonov 3, Markoski 1, Mladenovikj, Serafimov 8, Stojchevikj, Stojkovic 5, M. Mitev 6, Gjorgiev 1, Velkovski, Omeragikj, Bingo 1, Kofiloski, D. Mitev, Savrevski 4

Seven-meter throws: 4/5 Suspensions: 2 min.

HC Alkaloid played their final away match in the EHF European League. In the fifth round, our team faced the Serbian champion, HC Vojvodina in Novi Sad.

The home team secured the points with a score of 34-29, ensuring their spot in the Main Round. HC Alkaloid, however, has one more match left its debut European season. In the upcoming round on December 5th in Skopje, the team will host Spain’s La Rioja Logroño in Skopje.

This evening in Novi Sad, HC Vojvodina proved to be the more resourceful opponent. The home team took a 6-3 lead in the ninth minute, capitalizing on several misses and two technical errors from our team.

During this phase of the match, HC Alkaloid made two attempts to narrow the deficit to a minimum, successfully reducing it to 6-7 within 15 minutes. Following this, we attempted to equalize, but the opponent’s goalkeeper made a crucial save. This disrupted our attacking rhythm, allowing the Serbian team to regain a more comfortable position with a score of 11-7. By the end of the first half, HC Alkaloid had several chances to finish with a smaller deficit. Our team, however, failed to capitalize on the situations created leaving HC Vojvodina with an advantage of 16-11 at halftime.

In the second half, Alkaloid was trying to overcome the deficit, but Vojvodina cleverly maintained their lead. After ten minutes of play, the score was 25-20, followed by 27-22. This positive trend for the Serbian team in the match’s final minutes proved unattainable for our team, with the score reaching 31-24 at one point.