Sports venue: “Park” in Strumica. Referees: Viktor Andonov and Stojanche Jovanovski. Delegate: Zlatko Lokvenec

HC ASTRAION: Perovanovikj 1, Georgiev 1, Ivanov, Eftimov 1, Nakov 4, K. Katrandjiev 1, D. Katrandjiev 1, Mastev 1, Eftimov 2, Crnev 3, Naumov, Stojanov 5, Pandev 2, Angelov, Gogov

Seven-metre throws: 4/6 Suspensions: 6 min.

HC MULTI ESSENCE: Ermanoski, Shtakovski, Dimevski 2, Dimitrievski, D. Uzunchev 6, Trichkovski 1, Omeragikj 9, Velkov, Mladenovski, T. Uzunchev, Jordanov 3, Karasmanakis 1, Ninovski 3, Kostovski 5, Georgievski, Trajchev

Seven-metre throws: 2/3 Suspensions: 16 min.

The winning streak of HC Multi Essence continued in the playoff championship. HC Multi Essence won their 17th victory out of 17 matches played.

At this stage of the competition, only the duels with the teams that made it to the playoffs are taken into account, and tonight’s match against Astraion in Strumica was the first against a team from group “B” i.e., the ninth in the playoff table.

At its first away match in the playoffs with the group “A” teams, HC Multi Essence had a slightly milder dominance. In terms of the score, the lead that our team achieved in the opening minutes (5-1) was not put in real danger at any time during the match.

The home team succeeded in reducing the difference to three goals (6-9, 9-12, 14-17) several times in the first and at the beginning of the second half, but that was the closest they got to evening the score.
Led by Darin Omeragikj and Dimitar Uzunchev, our team increased the lead to five goals (22-17) in the last third of the game and from that moment this was the lowest score.
The match had a routine ending in which HC Multi Essence won by eight goal difference (30-22).