Winter break is over. All of the HC Alkaloid teams are in training, and our cadet team, part of the
strategic project for development and progress of young players, continued to play in international
tournaments after the match in Nantes.

The HC Alkaloid cadet team took part in an international tournament for handball players born in 2007
and younger. The Winter Cup tournament took place in Visoko, Bosnia and Herzegovina, wherein six
teams took part.
HC Alkaloid won second place, while the HC Vojvodina team from Novi Sad won the tournament. Before
the final match, HC Alkaloid defeated the teams of HC Zadar (35 : 25) and HC Kakanj (35 : 10), and in the
semi-finals it won against the team of HC Sloboda Tuzla (30 : 19).
Coach Vlatko Koteski said he was satisfied with the approach and with the results in this tournament.
“We performed well, taking everything into account. The young players played like real professionals
and were given positive comments by all coaches on the manner they behaved both on and off the field.
This was an important experience for everyone. I think that only with such matches can progress be
made. We overcame all obstacles, and we were able to see how far we have come in relation to our
peers from the Balkans. In that regard, I can freely say that we have young players who are on the right
track, among the best in the Balkans.
Our club is organized better than any other club we have played against. When communicating with all
other coaches from the other teams, we received compliments for playing modern handball with quick
transition in the offence, quick passes, good shots from all positions and with good defense.
We were able to see what we need to focus on in the future – parts of the game such as one-on-one and
two-on-two duels and other things, but the most important thing is that we have knowledge, courage,
desire and motivation. Playing in this tournament is a valuable experience for all players. That’s how
they grow into real players representing our club HC Alkaloid in the best possible light.”