HC Alkaloid is back in action on home ground as they resume their participation in the Super League. In the playoffs, they embark on the quest for the ultimate goal: clinching the Macedonian handball title and securing a spot in the EHF European Cups.

Our club concluded the most successful first phase so far, with a perfect record of 14 wins in 14 games in Group A of the Super League. The primary focus now shifts to the playoffs, where, as per regulations, three points are carried forward. Similarly, Vardar 1961, topping Group B, will also begin this phase with the same number of points.

Other teams entering the playoffs include CHC Ohrid and Eurofarm Pelister, each carrying over 2 points, CHC Tikvesh and Butel Skopje with 1 point each, and Prolet 62 and Struga without transferring points. The playoffs are set to commence in February and will extend until June. HC Alkaloid’s first playoff challenge will be against Prolet 62. The match is scheduled for February 10th (Saturday) at 04:00 PM in the Makedonsko Sonce arena in Skopje.

In the upcoming playoffs, HC Alkaloid will introduce three new players to the roster, all promoted from HC Multi Essence. Pivot Valentin Karasmanakis, right wing Martin Dimovski and goalkeeper Viktor Vasilevski are joining our club.

Meanwhile, international goalkeeper Alejandro Romero Carreras has departed from the team, and pivot Stefan Stojchevikj from HC Alkaloid has been transferred to HC Multi Essence.


1st round: HC Prolet 62 – HC Alkaloid

2nd round: HC Alkaloid – CHC Tikvesh

3rd round: HC Struga – HC Alkaloid

4th round: CHC Ohrid – HC Alkaloid

5th round: HC Alkaloid – HC Vardar 1961

6th round: HC Butel Skopje – HC Alkaloid

7th round: HC Alkaloid – HC Eurofarm Pelister

8th round: HC Alkaloid – HC Prolet 62

9th round: CHC Tikvesh – HC Alkaloid

10th round: HC Alkaloid – HC Struga

11th round: HC Alkaloid – CHC Ohrid

12th round: HC Vardar 1961 – HC Alkaloid

13th round: HC Alkaloid – HC Butel Skopje

14th round: HC Eurofarm Pelister – HC Alkaloid