HC Alkaloid concluded its first European season on a positive note with a triumph over the Spanish team Logroño La Rioja, securing the third spot in the group. Following the match, coach Kiril Lazarov and top scorer Marko Mitev spoke at the press conference.

“I am extremely happy for our club’s first historic victory. I would like to congratulate my players and La Rioja for engaging in a fair-play match. I know what Logroño La Rioja means to Spanish handball, as I have spent seven years in Spain. This is a big triumph for us even though we repeated some mistakes, including missing three penalties and a few shots from six meters. However, I am aware that many of our players are experiencing a European competition for the first time. It is evident that we lack experience in this group stage, but it is also clear that we are progressing. I hope we will be better in future. We deservedly secured a victory in the group stage. I would also like to thank the fans that supported us in these matches, appreciating our Macedonian endeavor”, said Lazarov.

This evening, Marko Mitev was not only the best scorer, but also contributed the crucial goals that led Alkaloid to victory.

“I am thrilled about this triumph, achieved with the determined effort of my teammates. This is a credit to the entire team. We are now focusing on our Super League and what lies ahead. This match will serve as additional motivation for all the young players in the team to give their all. Competing in this match will yield benefits for us in terms of the experience we accumulate from each game.” said Mitev