Venue: Jane Sandanski SC in Skopje. Referees: Nenad Nikolovski and Ismail Metalari. Controller: Cano Kurtovikj.

HC Golden Art: Trajkovski, Hristoski, Onchev 1, Gligorov, Daev 1, Shilegov 3, Jankovski, Goshevski 5, Daskalovski 1, Stojanoski 2, Milanov 1, Trajkov, Milosheski 7, Drpljanin 1, Bardakoski, Gajic 1.

Seven-meter throws: 2/2 Suspensions: 14 min.

HC MULTI ESSENCE: Ermanoski, Dimevski 10, Kostovski 1, Ilieski 4, Nasevski, Uzunchev 2, Petreski 1, Trajchev, Omeragikj, Trajkovski, Ivanoski 6, Todeski, Uzunchev, Trajkovski, Jordanov, Stojcevikj

Seven-meter throws: 1/4 Suspensions: 6 min.

HC Multi Essence secured a victory against Golden Art (24-23) in the initial playout match of the men’s handball Super League, staging a remarkable comeback in the second half. Despite facing a five-goal deficit at halftime, the team demonstrated a committed performance in both offense and defense, clinching a crucial triumph as they embark on the journey to maintain their status in the elite realm of Macedonian handball.

The playout opening match commenced with an equal score. It stood at 4-4, then progressed to 5-5, and subsequently to 7-7. Key contributors to HC Multi Essence’s offensive efforts were Dimitar Uzunchev and Mihail Ivanoski, tallying a combined total of five goals. The turning point occurred after the 15th minute, as Multi Essence lost possession twice in the offence, allowing Golden Art to capitalize with two goals and pull ahead to 8-10.

Following the opponent’s run, coach Bochkarovski called the first timeout of the match, but it proved ineffective. Additionally, Multi Essence faced the spirited and seasoned goalkeeper Daskaloski, who blocked two penalties, resulting in a halftime score of 11-16 in favor of HC Golden Art. HC Multi Essence concluded the first half with three missed seven-meter shots (0/3).

During the opening ten minutes of the second half, our team was much more focused than the opponent, adopting a more assertive defensive approach and capitalizing on easy scoring opportunities to level the score at 18-18, reintroducing uncertainty into the match. Following another error by the opponent, David Dimevski swiftly reestablished Multi Essence’s lead with an exceptional goal from nine meters, marking the first advantage for the team in a while (19-18).

At the very beginning of the final ten minutes, Dimevski scored another goal, this time with a zeppelin shot, achieving the first two-goal lead in the match (23-21). Golden Art retaliated with two goals, leveling the score at 23-23, which led to a dramatic conclusion that favored our team. During the crucial moments, goalkeeper Gjorgji Ermanoski delivered the most crucial defensive play of the match, particularly in the final offensive by Golden Art.