HC ALKALOID – GHC TIKVES 29-26 (17-13)

Venue: “Avtokomanda” hall in Skopje. Referees: Dimitar Mitrevski and Blagojce Todorovski. Delegate:
Dragan Nachevski
HC ALKALOID: Trajkovski, Galevski, Petrov 2, Markoski 1, Stojkov 6, Mladenovic 2, Serafimov 7, Ilieski,
Stojkovic 1, Gjorgiev 2, Simonoski 1, Omeragic, Kofiloski 3, Petkovski, D. Mitev 2, Savrevski 2
Seven-meter throws: 3/3, Suspensions: 10 min.

GHC TIKVES: Braunovic, Stojanovski, Anastasovski 3, Postolov, Temelkoski, Velkov, Sokolov, Stefanovic 5,
Dimovski 2, Kondev 2, Okardov, Shuleski, Kocev 1, Simic 5, Hamzic 7, Petrovic 1
Seven-meter throws: 2/3, Suspensions: 6 min.

The “Avtokomanda” hall was the venue for HC Alkaloid’s latest triumph against GHC Tikvesh (29-26). The
team’s solid performance saw them achieve their sixth consecutive win in the Superliga playoffs.

As is typical of derby matches, this game required a patient and defensive approach, and HC Alkaloid
delivered on both counts. Goalkeepers played a crucial role in the early stages of the game. The visitors
had a 2-0 lead. Thanks to goalkeeper Blagojche Trajkovski’s saves, the team gained the confidence to
take the lead. Aleksandar Stojkov’s skilful wing play also proved vital as HC Alkaloid quickly equalized
and built a 6-4 lead within ten minutes of the game. Our team maintained their advantage by punishing
their opponent’s mistakes, allowing them to finish the first half with a commanding four-goal lead (17-

In the second half, HC Alkaloid continued to dominate the game with a solid defence, successfully
blocking opposing shots and cutting off their drives. The team consistently maintained a four- to six-goal
lead, enabling coach Kiril Lazarov to rotate players and provide opportunities for younger members,
such as 17-year-old defender Damjan Mitev and goalkeeper Ivan Galevski, to gain valuable experience.
Although GHC Tikves attempted a comeback, reducing the gap to just three goals by the end of the
match, the result was never in doubt.
The team’s next challenge will be against HC E. Pelister at the “Avtokomanda” hall.