HC ALKALOID – HC NEXE 29-27 (15-11)

Sports center in Stara Pazova.

HC ALKALOID: Galevski, Trajkovski, Djonov 4, Markoski 2, Mladenovikj 1, Serafimov, Karasmanakis 1, Stojkovic 3, M. Mitev 4, Gjorgiev 4, Velkovski 2, Omeragikj, Bingo 2, Kofiloski 2, Savrevski 5, Dimovski

Seven-meter throws: 2/3 Suspensions: 8 min.

HC NEXE: Kuzmanovic, Car 1, Radovanovic, Racic 2, Bakic 2, Hromin 4, Vejin 1, Srsen 4, Manci-Micevic 3, Velkavrh, Bezjak 2, Strlek 2, Moslavac 2, Cenic 2, Cohen

Seven-meter throws: 6/8 Suspensions: 6 min.

HC Alkaloid competed in its first friendly match as part of the preparations for the Macedonian Super League Playoff. Our team is currently stationed at the sports center in Stara Pazova, and their initial friendly encounter took place today featuring the vice-champion of Croatia, HC Nexe.

HC Alkaloid secured a victory with a score of 29-27 in a match where they notably took control, particularly in the second half.

The Croatian team had a slightly better start and maintained a lead in the initial phase of the match, mainly with a one to two-goal difference (4-2, 5-3). HC Alkaloid leveled the score at 5-5, and from that moment on, both teams traded goals until the score reached 10-10. Following this, Dario Kofiloski and Marko Mitev initiated a series of goals, concluded by Ivan Djonov with two goals, allowing HC Alkaloid to take the lead at 15-10.

The first half ended with a score of 15-11, and throughout the second half, our team consistently maintained a lead, keeping the margin between five and six goals (17-11, 19-13, 21-15).

At one point during the second half, HC Nexe orchestrated a 3:0 run, narrowing the gap to 21-23. HC Alkaloid swiftly responded however, maintaining control with a lead of 26-22 and 28-24. The triumph held firm until the very conclusion of the game, even though HC Nexe was able to mitigate the defeat and reduce it to a two-point difference.

David Savrevski emerged as the most effective player in our team, netting five goals, followed closely by Marko Mitev and Igor Gjorgiev, both contributing with four goals each.

Tomorrow, HC Alkaloid and HC Nexe are scheduled to compete in another friendly match.