The prelude to the new Super League season took place today with the drawing of lots, whereby 16 participating teams were divided into two groups, while the participants in the playoffs and playouts will become known after playing the autumn phase. Due to finishing in second place in the previous championship, HC Alkaloid was given the role of first seed together with HC E. Pelister.

Our team will play in group A in the championship autumn phase, competing against the teams of GHC Tikvesh, GHC Ohrid, HC E. Pelister 2, HC Struga, HC Kumanovo, HC Skopje, and HC Aerodrom.

In the first round, we will play against the team of HC Skopje on the away field.

As a new Super League competitor, the team of HC Multi Essence was in the last seed. HC Multi Essence will compete in group B against the teams of HC E. Pelister, HC Vardar 1961, HC Butel Skopje, HC Tinex Prolet, HC Golden Art, HC Prilep, and HC Vardar Negotino.

In the first round, HC Multi Essence will play against HC Golden Art at home.

The new season will start at the beginning of September. The exact date will be announced soon. According to the propositions, the four top teams from the two groups will then move to the playoffs, where they will also transfer points based on their group placement. The other four teams will compete in a playout to survive in the strongest competition.

2023/2024 SUPER LEAGUE

GROUP A: HC Alkaloid, CHC Tikvesh, CHC Ohrid, HC E. Pelister 2, HC Struga, MHC Kumanovo, HC Skopje, HC Aerodrom

1st Round: HC Skopje – HC Alkaloid, HC Struga – CHC Ohrid, MHC Kumanovo – HC Aerodrom, CHC Tikvesh – HC E. Pelister 2

GROUP B: HC E. Pelister, HC Vardar 1961, HC Butel Skopje, HC Tinex Prolet, HC Golden Art., HC Prilep, HC Vardar Negotino, HC Multi Essence.

1st Round: HC Multi Essence – HC Golden Art, HC T. Prolet – HC Vardar Negotino, HC Prilep – HC Butel HC Skopje, HC Vardar 1961 – HC E. Pelister