HC ZAGREB – HC ALKALOID 31-25 (15-14)

Jelkovec Secondary School in Zagreb. Referees: Kuhar and Precec from Croatia

HC PPD ZAGREB: Grbavac, Pantjar, Kos 6, Cavar 1, Walczak 3, Faljic, Klarica 2, Gojun, Klis, Kraljevic, Sirotic, Cupic 5, Dibirov 7, Morales 2, Kavcic 5, Suholežnik 1

Seven-meter throws: 0/2 Suspensions: 8 min.

HC ALKALOID: Romero, Galevski, Trajkovski, Markoski 1, Stojkov 3, Mladenovikj 2, Serafimov 5, Stojkovic, Stojchevikj, M. Mitev 6, Omeragikj, Gjorgiev 4, Bingo 2, Kofiloski, Petkovski, Savrevski 1

Seven-meter throws: 1/2 Suspensions: 6 min.

HC Alkaloid played the second control match within the mini tour in Croatia. Tonight, our team’s opponent was the Croatian champion, PPD Zagreb.

The match was tied throughout the first half. After HC Alkaloid led by 6:5, Zagreb went on a 5:0 run and took a 10:6 lead.

HC Alkaloid responded with its own 4:0 run and evened the score to 10:10 in the 23rd minute.

Four minutes later we made a 14-13 lead, but the last two goals were scored by the home team leaving for break with 15-14.

In the second part, the home team managed to take the lead with two goals (18-16), and then doubled the difference to plus four. This was also the difference in the 59th minute, however in the game’s last minute the home team scored two more goals, ending the match with 31-25.

Tomorrow, Sunday, HC Alkaloid will face the team of HC Sesvete in the third control match. The game is scheduled to start at 07:00 PM.