HC ALKALOID – CHC OHRID 42-31 (22-14).
Venue:  Avtokomanda in Skopje. Spectators: 350. Referees: Sasho Krkachev and Gjoko Kolevski. Delegate: Dragan Nachevski.

HC ALKALOID: Trajkoski, Galevski, Djonov 3, Petrov, Markoski 1, Mladenovikj, Serafimov 6, Karasmanakis, Stojkovic 7, M. Mitev 7, Velkovski 2, Simonoski 3, Bingo 3, D. Mitev 6, Savrevski 1, Dimovski 3.
Seven-meter throws: 3/3. Suspensions: 10 min.

CHC OHRID: Ristevski, Gjorgjeski, Ojleski 3, Matsuoka 7, Jukic 4, Stoilevski 1, Drogrishki, Pelidija 2, Taseski 2, Rudolf, Kukoski, Krstevski, Sesic 1, Orjonikidze 5, Bojanic 2, Cirar 4.
Seven-meter throws: 6/7. Suspensions: 4 min.

The duel between the two teams began on an equal footing. With the scoreboard showing a close 8-7, HC Alkaloid seized control of the game. Lazarov’s squad played flawlessly, and our team’s goalkeepers were in top form – Blagojche Trajkoski blocked six shots, while Ivan Galevski saved a penalty throw, leading to the first substantial lead of 15-9 midway through the first half.

The effective play continued until halftime, although HC Ohrid consistently pursued our advantage. At the break, HC Alkaloid held a 22-14 lead. Marko Stojkovic’s outstanding first-half performance, during which he scored 5 out of 5 attempts, and Martin Serafimov’s several impressive assists leading to goals were particularly noteworthy.

At the start of the second half, Trajkoski continued to defend in top form, making two additional saves, and HC Alkaloid extended their lead to the largest margin of the game at 23-14. By the 43rd minute, our team had established a ten-goal advantage (29-19), rendering the remainder of the match at the Avtokomanda arena a mere formality.